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Our Vision


We are working hard to improve the ways of innovative learning. So, that students & teachers can easily sail on the same boat of Education and Knowledge.


Our main vision behind the use of Technology and Statistics together is to standardize and monitor the growth of teachers and tutors, by use of AI Algorithms


We want to create a transparent environment for Parents, Children and Teachers. So, that everybody is aware of reality & can work hard on the weak points.


Hard truth is that, every year our Education system tries to improve itself but can’t sustain it for long. We with the help of right tools can ensure sustainability.

Free Trail for All Education Institutes

Free LMS Trail for 3 Months

LMS stands for Learning Management system. Which provides an online ecosystem for students and teachers, to share knowledge, assignments, conduct tests and much more. You can keep track on how much of course you have covered and how much time you are spending and can get much deeper analytics through LMS, which is not possible through Normal Classroom Teaching Method which is meant to educate slaves for Small Labour or Clerk Jobs. And we all know about that fact and can’t deny our history.

But Obviously, We can work on it.
Take first Step by entering into the world on Digital Education by taking our Free Trail Today →

Let’s Level Up the Your Education Together.

We are here to answer all your questions about how to handle or create new eco-system for your institute. For giving it new and better direction by implimentation of these Innovative Services.

Learning Management System

We will create a whole New Customized Learning Management System for your Institute.

Examination System

We will create a Examination System for your Institute. So that it’s easy to conduct exams just with your PC.

Fees Collection System

We will design a Custom Fee Collection System with Secure Structure and Firewall, for easy  Fee Collection.

Attendance Management System

We will create Web based Attendance Management System for your Institute to manage your Attendees.

Administration Management System

Creating Admin. Management System will help one to run it’s institute fast and affectively and with efficiency.

Distance Learning Portal

We will provide you Custom Distance Learning Portal for facilitating Students for Distance Learning Courses.

Why Choose

LearningGuru is a Concept of promising Best Education in schools. So that, one doesn’t have to visit any extra tutoring anymore.

First One with Real Innovation

We are first company which is really trying to improve the Rotten education System instead of making money on it

We Always Deliver Quality

We never compromise with quality, as it’s not just a Software or Solution we are selling. It’s Future, we are Providing to you.

Student Backed Project

We are not a tech company entering into Education market. We are Students providing Solutions for Students

Lowest Prices

We make sure that Education Innovation should reach each and every individual. Hence the prices of our services are very competitive.

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