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Business Summary

We develop and program the products and services that are sold under learning guru platform and we are located at gujarat.The business ownership structure is limited liability partnership. The main product we are focusing now is the ‘Tablet Learning Solution’. So all of our work are directly or indirectly linked to reach TLS to the customers.

Customer Problem

Consumers want or need to purchase products which reduces the administration works and also every educational institution emphasise on eco friendly campus.This requires a marketplace for vendors to provide these and learning guru provides solution for both the problems.

Target Market

According to 2011 census data india has 315 million students in world.This is not only the largest student body in the world but Indian students would make for the fourth biggest country in the world, nearly touching the US with a population of 318 million.Our target market is educational sector that is anything and everything which is related to students.

Bussiness Model

Our Business model is Subscription based. We are operating in B2B space by collaborating with schools and Colleges and charging them for our Services we proivde on Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly basis.
We are also Providing Contract based Softwares which are again Subscription based as after the contract ends, one have to renew it.

Price and availablity matters solely on the number of students that institute consist of. As we are a Start Up and it’s hard for us sometimes to optimize the cost, if the numbers are too low.


As the market is vast, the number of competitors in educational sector is huge. But unique products like TLS gives us a greater edge over our competitors.

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